MABRAcross Tandem-Cross: The Championships

In MABRAcross Tandem-Cross blood will be spilled. And duct tape will be used to contain it.

In this final installment of MABRAcross tandem-cross, we saw some familiar story lines. The team of Adam Driscoll and Pat Blair (Adventures for the Cure), collectively known as Padam, completed a sweep of the series by winning this final event. The competition definitely kept them closer as the weeks went by, but nobody ever caught these guys at the line. I’m sure they will be lobbying for the inclusion of a tandem-cross MABRAcross Verge Sport leaders jersey in 2011.

In the MABRAcross Championship race, the SingleSpeed Outlaw tandem piloted by David Kegley and Todd Bauer gave the Padam squad a run for their money and may have made it even closer if the race had gone another lap. And the always entertaining Team TOMS Shoes squad did not disappoint as Sean O’Donnell took over the Matt Bartlett seat and helped Chad Bartlett secure the most adventurous ride of the day. The TOMS and SingleSpeed Outlaw teams handled helmet-cam duties for this race. Saturday morning television provided the soundtrack.

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5 thoughts on “MABRAcross Tandem-Cross: The Championships

  1. Was holding down third ’till we got passed by the Tom’s about a quarter of the way in on the second lap. Footage must have must be on the cuttingroom floor. Chainsuck due to Captain’s shifting incompetence allowed two more teams to pass us. Nice movie. You could make a 2010 tandumb compilation DVD and sell them for Christmas!

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