Bilenky Junkyard Cross Helmet-Cam

Junkyard bear?

The Internets can’t seem to get enough of the junkyard cross scene. Good thing we had some helmet-cams out on course Sunday afternoon to catch a little more of the action. Thanks to Sean and Ryan of TOMS Shoes p/b Kindhuman Sports for strapping on the cameras and capturing the action. If you missed the first video of the chaos that is junkyard cross, you can check it out here.

For today’s soundtrack, we turn to the smooth sounds of Washington D.C.’s Rattler. You can check them out at

Thanks for watching.


Check out this video Joe Kalucki filmed at the Bilenky race. It is super sweet and I guarantee you that when you get to the thirty-second mark, expletives will leave your mouth. You will then rewind and watch that part again. TRUST ME.

Update Update:

Pat over at Surlyrider sent over a link to the video he put together of the race. The goodness from this day knows no limits. Check it out here.


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