MABRAcross Champs Helmet-Cam

Wes Schempf is not in this video. But he did win at Taneytown.

The 2010 MABRAcross Championship Race took place months ago in Taneytown, Maryland. In all of the tandem and junkyard cross hoopla, the bread-and-butter helmet cam video from that race must have been lost at the bottom of the gear bag. But fear not, it has been revived and is now available for your viewing pleasure.

For a change of pace, this race took place on a relatively dry course. Taneytown is usually a muddy bog. But not this year. That’s not all bad. It’s nice to mix it up every once in a while.

And speaking of mixing it up … what do you get when you combine instrumental tracks from German electro-goth-metal superstars, excerpts from a possibly-past-his-prime Bostonian stand-up comedian and POV video of aging cyclocross racers? I’m not sure. But here it is.

Thanks for watching.


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