Baby Pictures: It’s a Zank!

The CXHairs Zank

And with this post I hereby declare that the unavoidable doldrums that follow cross season are officially over. There is no debate, there is no appeal. Here at the In The Crosshairs we have had a productive off-season. Lots of new projects on the horizon I can’t wait to share. We’ve been out filming bike-related content every week since January. Testing new gear and new ideas in an attempt to bring to this site something different and exciting come next cross season.

On top of that, there is a new bike in the CXHairs stable and this one is special. Mike Zanconato is a Massachusetts-based frame builder that has quickly become one of the most respected and sought after names in the hand-built bike business. He’s also a super nice guy. Go check him out at

The bike Zank built is beautiful. And rides like a dream. (It’s also really really big.) Before landing in my ink-stained hands it spent a week in Austin, Texas in the Zanconato booth at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. But its life as a NAHBS show bike is now over. I can’t wait to get it covered in mud and crud. But before that happens, I had to document the beautiful frame and Keith Anderson paint job before it got put through the paces. You can check out photos here. And as an extra added bonus, there’s video, too. You can call it sappy or reverential but that’s what makes a good love letter pop, right?

Thanks for watching. Talk to you soon.




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