The Wayback Machine Presents Cross Talk

Way back in 2006 when Twitter was in its infancy, My Space was still relevant and quality cyclocross coverage was hard to come by, SuperLuminalĀ Films’ Peter Nicoll was throwing down some amazing interviews and footage of East Coast ‘cross.

Peter Nicoll of SuperLuminal Films

Inspired by Meg Bilodeau, Peter’s Cross Talk series is a great look back that newcomers to the sport and fans of FatMarc’s sideburnsĀ should definitely take some time to check out. The high quality versions can be seen here: If that doesn’t work for your web browsing device, lower quality versions are available on YouTube at

As part of Cross Talk, Peter had some great footage from the 2006 USGP, including races at Granogue, Wissahickon and Glouscester. Sadly it all sat unedited on a hard drive that gave up the ghost a while back. Although the raw footage was lost, Peter did unearth a rough cut of a piece he put together on Georgia Gould’s win at the second day of the 2006 USGP race at Glouscester. Georgia gives some great insight into race tactics, and Peter captured the footage as those tactics played out.

You can check out Peter’s other films at When he has the time to ride, he’s also a pretty darn fast bike racer who hopefully will get in a full season of cross this year for his Squadra Coppi team.

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  1. It’s hard to overstate how good Peter is at what he does with the camera & editing. He’s a good friend & teammate too, which is more impressive to me than the fact that he’s a strong racer.

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