First To The Line: The Commercial

Technology, we has it
Amazingly, no helmet cam footage made it into the final cut.

Since late last year Rich Hohenbrink, founder of Moneynstuff LLC, and I have been plotting out a commercial for his First To the Line card game. In March we got down to filming. It started by assembling a makeshift peloton on a cold Sunday morning and forcing them to do hill repeats for about four hours. Followed that up with some sprintervals and a late night of card playing at MNS HQ. The result is a nice little 30 second spot that will be airing during Universal Sport’s streaming coverage of the 2011 Giro.

Big thanks to Sean O’Donnell for all his help, Rich for giving us the opportunity to do the project, JBV Coaching for lending kits and the hearty souls of MABRAland for climbing up that hill. As much fun as it was to film and edit, the purpose is to get more of these killer decks of cards into people’s hands. It’s a great game and fun to play. So go get one for yourself and give a spare to mom this Sunday. They are for sale here.

Here’s the video. Thanks for watching.


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