CourierCX Teaser

Team Sandbagger
DFL came down to a photo-finish at CourierCX

CourierCX is in the books. Good grass roots racing, great after-party at DURKL and a ton of footage to sort through. About 25 brave souls lined up to race and made it through DC and Virginia unscathed. Despite my anonymous commenter’s fears, no dogs or rollerbladers were adversely affected on the Mount Vernon Trail. Things predictably spread out fast so there was no unruly peloton of misfits and outcasts rolling down the trail.

The folks that put this event together are right now buried in a mountain of video. As soon as they dig themselves out you are going to be treated to some sweet moving picture eye candy. Until that time, here’s a little teaser we put together from the race start at Red Derby. So heartwarming to see the courier-class and lycra-clad race boys come together for this event.

Keep an eye on for more goodies. Also, if you missed this race, fear not, there’s a similar one just around the corner. Clear your calendar for the evening of June 10 and check out for the deets, the 411, or both. (Pssst, there’s nothing there, yet, but should be soon).

Thanks for watching.


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