Do Your Dogs A Favor: Get Some Swiftwick CXHairs Socks

That pair on the left is yours. Really.

Give me your tired, your poor, your muddied feet. It’s sock time once again at the CXHairs and this time we have something pretty sweet for you to sport for the upcoming ‘cross season. The all new, five-inch cuff, In The Crosshairs sock. Featuring our iconic … thanks to Public Enemy and Sarah Palin … logo on the back, these socks will go with any kit and shoe combo you have planned.

Swiftwick makes some of the best socks out there. They are super comfy, well-built compression-type socks tha are a joy to ride in. And I have two enormous boxes of these things that I want to share with you.

So here’s what we are going to do. You want socks, I need a little bit of change to keep the lights on at the CXHairs HQ. If you go to and send an $18 gift to, I will send you a snazzy new pair of socks. Shipping is included. (Want more than one pair? Each additional pair is only $15.)

This part is important: When you use the gift option on PayPal, shipping information is not provided. I need you to include in the “Note” section two things:

(1) sock size (True story: I typed that wrong the first time. Hilarity almost ensued. Spell Check is not a substitute for proofreading, kids.)

(2) mailing address

Thanks so much for your support! Lots of cool projects percolating around here and none of it would be possible without socks. And electricity.


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