Geen Slaap Tot Brooklyn: CXHairs Hits The Big Screen

Our makeshift film set at Bilenky Cycle Works. Photo by Sean O'Donnell

It’s official! The short film we put together about the Bilenky Cycle Works’ annual junkyard cyclocross race will be shown as part of this year’s Bicycle Film Festival. The first showing is June 24 in New York. This project started in December when we traveled to Philadelphia and filmed the day’s races. A couple months later we returned to the scene and did a day of interviews with framebuilder Stephen Bilenky and a handful of folks who finished the race. The result is a quirky mix of race footage and off-the-cuff interviews.

So far we are confirmed to be part of the New York BFF and the DC program, which happens August 4-7. If you take a look at, the line up is stellar. There is a bike-related film for everybody. Definitely worth a trip to the theater. 

Hope to see you out there. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at our Bilenky Junkyard Cross film short.

Thanks for watching.


4 thoughts on “Geen Slaap Tot Brooklyn: CXHairs Hits The Big Screen

  1. Teaser should have included that shot of the guy barely catching himself as he fell off the overpass/bridge. That was insane.

  2. I just watched the video you posted back in Dec…I thought I’d seen it from your stuff.

    I’ve never been to the film festival before, I’ll have to try and get to some of them this year.

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