3 thoughts on “MABRAcross Super 8 Daily Schedule

  1. Damn. Are yall serious? Killers Bs to 2 PM?

    Of course the year that I move away is the year that yall move the start time of my race to a reasonable hour.

    Wonder whats its going to be like in GA. Watch the 3/4 go off at 10 AM.

    Hope to make it to DCCX this year, even though it’s a 9 hour drive.


  2. Things look fine, but is there really a big enough field for the Masters 45+ and 55+ to have there own time slot be themselves?

  3. Seems to be a lot of Jrs out racing — big enough for their own field/slot for ’12? Possibly start the Jrs out earlier?

    Great to see so many female racers out there these past few races!

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