Are You Ready For Some Cyclocross? Really, Are You Ready?

Your 2011 Cross Clinic Instructors

The MAC is up and running and already has over 1000 registrants, MABRAcross will open its doors for business this weekend. We know you can’t wait. But does that mean you’re ready?

Are you faster around the cyclocross course this year than you were last year? Did you know that using proper dismounting, remounting, carrying and cornering technique can make you ten, 15, or even 30 seconds faster per lap? Think about that. If your race is four laps long, that can mean you are a minute or even two minutes faster than you were last season without any improvement in fitness.

Do you ever practice your race starts? Are you confident you know the best way to approach this important part of a cross race? If you have the proper technique and strategy you will be better equipped to be in that first group as it hits the inevitable chokepoint in every course. Being up front means a smooth ride and faster times. As your competition bottlenecks behind, you will be in your rhythm creating gaps on those poor souls in your rearview mirror.

I know by now you are thinking, nay saying out loud, “Wow, all this sounds great! I too want to learn how to take minutes off my lap times and get to the front at the start. But how? How do I get there?”

That part, Mid-Atlantic friends and neighbors, is easy. You get yourself to the top cyclocross clinic in the area. The Fulcrum Coaching and JBV Coaching Cyclocross Clinic with Jeremy Powers.

It all happens Labor Day weekend starting with a Saturday, September 3, cross talk and meet & greet at Bike Doctor of Waldorf. Rapha-Focus pro cyclocrosser Jeremy Powers will be on hand to answer your questions about his racing career, tricks of the trade, training advice and anything else you care to ask. Joining Jeremy during this session will be Fulcrum Coaching’s Dan Tille and JBV Coaching’s Chris Mayhew. Dan and Chris have years of experience racing and coaching cyclocross. Come out and pick their brains on the latest gear and training techniques. The Saturday night portion of the clinic is free but you still need to register.

On Sunday, September 4, we get down to business. It’s a full day of on the bike training at Rosaryville State Park in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, venue of the MABRAcross Super 8 opening race, Tacchino Ciclocross. From 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., Jeremy, Chris and Dan will be joined by instructors Marc “FatMarc” Vettori and Rusty Williford to make sure every attendee receives one-on-one instruction. Also on hand to help out will be Gunnar Bergey, who spent part of last winter in Belgium at USA Cycling’s elite level Eurocross Camp, racing against Europe’s top talent.

Throughout the day, the full group will receive demonstration and explanation of a certain skill and then break into smaller groups based on skill and experience level. These smaller groups will work on the skill and receive instruction from the coaches.

As if that wasn’t enough to convince you to sign up now, Fulcrum coaching will also provide individual video analysis of each attendee using Dartfish motion capture technology. At the end of the day when the group has reviewed and practiced the essential cyclocross skills, each attendee will be filmed dismounting, carrying and remounting. Detailed, written feedback on form and technique will be sent out within a week of the camp ending.

Finally, did we mention the FULL RAPHA KIT Jeremy Powers will be raffling off Saturday night at The Bike Doctor of Waldorf? Seriously, a FULL RAPHA KIT. You have to look good racing and training and you can’t not do that in Rapha. It’s an extra added incentive to get you to this clinic. Everybody is going to come away from the weekend faster. One of you will also come away just a bit cooler and more fashionable than the rest. (All registrants for the free Saturday evening session will be eligible for the Rapha giveaway. You do not need to sign up for Sunday to win.)

This clinic is truly the best way to get a leg up on the field. Many attendees are coming back for their second and third years, and it’s not just for the complimentary Chipotle lunch. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you, too. Come on out and join us.

To register, please visit Space is limited to 50 attendees and last year’s clinic sold out.

Check out photos from last year’s clinic here.

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If you have any questions about the clinic please do not hesitate to contact Chris Mayhew at or 724.413.7441.



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