The Run Up To Cross Season

The Season Is Upon Us.

Crikeys. Where did the summer go? Or the spring and end of winter, for that matter. It’s already cross season? Every year seems to follow the same pattern. Wait, wait, wait, wait … and … WAIT!!! I’m not ready, yet! The MAC has already started, MABRAcross Super 8 gets going a week from Sunday, Charm City this weekend. Sort of like the sport itself, there is no easing into the cyclocross season. Once it’s on, it is on.

But it’s cool. We know you all did the work, put in the intervals, got rid of that double-hop, glued the tubulars (with glue AND tape … and not that skinny Tufo stuff), furiously hit enter—from 7:59 p.m. until registered—for the past three or four Sunday evenings, and are totally prepared for another season of lung-searing fun.

JPow explains the ways of the cyclocross.

In what has become a tradition in these parts, the 3rd annual Fulcrum Coaching and JBV Coaching Cross Clinic with Rapha Focus pro cyclocrosser Jeremy Powers kickstarted the season with a weekend chock full of cyclocross goodness. Skills were learned, technique was taught, burritos were eaten, and 50+ dedicated cyclocross racers, both new and weathered, went away with the tools to be faster this season.

Big thanks to Bike Doctor of Waldorf for hosting the free meet & greet with Jeremy Powers, the night before the clinic. Next year, go check this event out. It’s free, it’s a ton of information, and JPow tells some great stories. Also, check out the shop. Truly one of the best in the area and worth the drive from DC. Great inventory and service, and the owner, Chris Richardson, is hands down the most knowledgeable bike fitter I’ve ever talked to.

So here we are. At the start of another cyclocross season. And before we know it, it will be over. But that’s sort of the beauty, right? Fast, furious, done.

But in the meantime, lots of things are planned for the CXHairs this season. Course previews will start back up, videos, photos, interviews should all be here, too. If there is something you would like to see or contribute drop me a line at CXHairs(at)Gmail.

For now, check out the super PRO video rundown of the cross clinic put together by the creator of CrossTalk and president of SuperLuminal Films, Peter Nicoll.

And this ode to the end of summer. Sniff.

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