Charm City Cross Course Preview With Kris Auer And Bad Andy

Steevo clearing the Charm City natural barrier.

The seventh running of the Charm City Cross happens this weekend in Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park. What started as a one day event with around 300 total riders has quickly grown into one of the premier East Coast events with two days of UCI and non-UCI racing and over 1000 cyclocrossers pinning on numbers. We stopped by race sponsor, Twenty20 Cycling Co., last night to record a course preview with Twenty20 co-owner and C3 bossman, Kris Auer, and C3 stalwart Bad Andy Wulfkuhle.

The preview covers the Saturday race, which according to Bad Andy, will be set up “as close to last year as we can manage, in the dark, at 4 a.m. on race day.” Sunday’s race will be the traditional Charm City course in reverse. Crazy! I know. Keep in mind it is not 100 percent backwards. You will not climb down the steps and the finishing straight will remain the same as last year, absent the asphalt climb.

So you can follow along while watching, here is a rough map of Saturday’s course (click on map for large view).

Saturday's Charm City Course

And here is the video commentary with Kris and Bad Andy.


This is what you are looking at for Sunday’s race (click on map for large view).

Sunday's Charm City Course


To get an idea of the set up for Sunday, here is last year’s course commentary with Fulcrum Coaching‘s Dan Tille and JBV Coaching‘s Chris Mayhew. Keep in mind THE COURSE WILL BE REVERSED.


Thanks for watching and we will see you at the races.

P.S.-if you see me this weekend and want the super sweet In The Crosshairs SwiftWick socks, recently donned by Jeremy Powers, don’t be shy. Ask. I have PLENTY. They will also be available at the Team Money ‘n’ Stuff tent.


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  1. Again thanks for making the Friday before Cross weekends awesome yet again… nice work, see you tomorrow!!!

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