Tacchino Tandem Cross

The Tacchino Cyclocross went down yesterday at Rosaryville State Park. Although over 600 racers prepared diligently for mud and rainy conditions, the day offered up no such nastiness. A couple spots of the slick stuff on the course kept everybody honest but no rain meant the bouncy castle was packed with kids and the party was full-on throughout the day. Was it like cyclocross is “supposed to be” in the dank and rain, with chain-smoking, tuba playing Belgians lining the tape? No. But we don’t live in Belgium, and personally, I prefer watching races on sunny days. I know, blasphemy.

Between announcing races, wrangling podiums and getting on my bike and suffering for a spell, there was not much time to pick up a camera, save a couple short clips of the tandem race. That race featured the still unbeaten duo of Adam Driscoll and Pat Blair, the up-and-coming North-Tek Aria pair of Nick Taylor and Andrew Shelby, the ALAN elite we-already-won-our-races squad of Erin Silliman and Greg Wittwer, and a cameo from Trek-Livestrong’s Joe Dombrowski on the Money ‘n’ Stuff Racing rig. The North-Tek Aria squad definitely gave the Adventures for the Cure team a run for their money, grabbing the hole-shot and keeping within a bike length of PADAM most of the race. In the end, the AFC boys took the win but this rivalry is one to watch in upcoming Super 8 tandem races.

Here’s a quick taste, a sampler if you will, of what it looked like.

Thanks for watching. See you next week in Winchester.


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