Winchester Apple Cross Video

Last Sunday’s Winchester Apple Cross was hard. It is a challenging course in the best of conditions. Throw in a couple inches of rain the day before and it turns into an excellent mud course. For the most part, the entire loop was ridable. Superior technical skills, however, were a plus for some of the greasy off-camber sections, and those with some power in reserve had an advantage through some long deep mud stretches. The rain also turned a lung-busting run up into a lap-by-lap game of king of the hill. With traction hard to find, most racers were covering the same ground at least twice as they waddled up the “Belgian Wall.”

I was able to sneak away from announcing duties for a bit during the 3/4 and 1/2/3 races to grab some video. It’s below. Thanks for watching and see you Sunday at Hyattsville CX, sponsored in part by


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