2011 DCCX Course Preview

DCCX, Washington DC’s cyclocross party, happens this Sunday on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home. If you haven’t registered, you need to do so ASAP. Online registration closes tonight, Thursday, at 9:00 p.m., and many fields are selling or sold out. In fact go register now. As always, we will wait here until you get back.

For the most part, the men and women of DCMTB and Family Bike Shop follow the same course as last year. But there are a couple new twists and turns that you need to see. There is also a new prologue and start. My helmet-cam skills are a bit rusty so the angle is a little lower than I would like. To make up for that I have included in the preview video two concurrent views. One of the newly designed course and one from last year’s race. This should give you a pretty good idea of what’s going on.

The significant change to the course is a double-u turn section on the hill that last year had a barrier at the bottom. The barrier is gone but the technical difficulty has gone up considerably. How great is it when your race has a sponsor, Terra Lawn and Landscape, that can carve out a nice clean new feature on your course? So jealous. Also, the start is on the other side of the course. Farther from the parking lot. So give yourself a couple extra minutes to get to staging and make sure you don’t line up at last year’s starting grid or you will miss your race.

It’s going to be a great day of racing Sunday. Can’t wait to see everybody out there.

Thanks for watching.


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  1. There will be 2 locations for team tents- the set with parking is adjacent the old starting area, across from the pits (“Pit Row”) and the other set is near the brick path, like last year (“Skid Row”)

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