2011 DCCX Video

Every race in the MABRAcross Super 8 is breaking all kinds of attendance records this year. But DCCX is just getting ridiculous. The 2011 edition saw more than 800 pre-registered riders and over 900 on race day. Once again, the men and women of DCMTB served up a beautiful summer weather, in late autumn, and the party at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington D.C. lasted all day long. Changes to the course added some excitement and definitely made riding more of a challenge.

So here’s some video. It features the stairs, the “big air” section and the new off-camber U-turns. And for the record, I did not come anywhere close to getting in the way of Ryan Dudek (He has a history of crashing when I’m around and have a camera). If he can’t take his eyes off me and ends up bobbling I can’t be blamed. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, Ryan. Okay, that will soon make sense. Go watch.


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