Capital Cross Classic 2011 Video

Capital Cross Classic marked the end of the MABRAcross Super 8 series. The return of this Mid-Atlantic favorite was better than ever with a new marquee course feature that gave the race a euro look and feel. The Bike Lane men and women got this one right.

I had the pleasure of calling the action throughout the day, which is always a ton of fun and made forgetting my own less-than-optimal effort on course easy. The one downside of announcing races is that it doesn’t leave much of an opportunity to shoot video. I was, however, able to sneak away for about twenty minutes or so and shot enough to get a look at the “chute,” the run-up and a couple other sectors of the Cap Cross course.

Although the Super 8 season has ended, there is still cross racing to be had in the Mid-Atlantic region. Next Sunday is the 2nd annual Luray Caverns CX. This is a phenomenal venue and course and a race worth attending. Even if you think your form is gone, I guarantee you have at least one more race in you. Come out and have some fun. No pressure. Just race to race. Beer garden, drumline, caverns, what more can you ask for?

After Luray, we will be heading up to Philadelphia for the Bilenky Junkyard Cross and then in January it’s off to Madison to be a fan at Cross Nationals. Lots of cross left this season!

Okay, here’s the video. Thanks for watching. And, Erin, heal up fast. We expect to see you racing the Super 8 in 2012.



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