Bilenky Junkyard Cross 2011

Dialing in the shortcuts at Bilenky Junkyard Cross. Photo by Shira.

After the success of last year’s Bicycle Film Festival short film based on The Bilenky Junkyard Cross, it was a bit surreal going back for this year’s race. But once we got there, it was the same junkyard, a different course and a whole lot more people. This edition was nuts. Jam packed with racers and revelers, multiple heats in multiple categories and about the most fun you can have in a junkyard without matches or a wrecking ball. The special features for this year’s course included a conversion van run-through, car hood ride-over, wooden boxes, and a sweet session area for the BMX and trials guys. It was a spectacle. It always is. Here’s the video. See for yourself.

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