Greenbrier Challenge 2012: The Start

Greenbrier Challenge Cat 1 40-49 Start

Great day at the Greenbrier Challenge. You could not ask for better conditions. The trails were fast but challenging. And the day? Beautiful. Sunny skies and comfortable spring weather. I had the honor of playing race announcer for the day and had a great time chatting with my MTB brethren. It’s amazing how much cross over now exists between mountainbikers and cyclocrossers. It used to be that a portion of every CX race field was MTB dudes. Now, the tide has turned a bit and more and more of the MTB fields are populated with ‘cross racers.

With a day full of cat-herding, awards ceremonies, and DJ duties, there was not much time available to take many photos or shoot any video. I did have the opportunity to set up a camera and shoot timelapse sequences of the start of the cat 2 and 3 fields. Not much race action but it is a bit of a curiosity. Take a look. And thanks for stopping by.

Greenbrier Challenge 2012: The Start from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.


One thought on “Greenbrier Challenge 2012: The Start

  1. great day for racing for sure!

    it amazed me how fast and dry the course was… the rain the night prior did not play into things at all

    even the last section by the dam was pretty much dry

    the reroute has become fast and fun
    along with enough little dippty dos to demand focus and control
    rather than just coasting to the dam

    nice seeing you

    good work as MC

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