Mid-Atlantic Region 2012 Cyclocross Calendar

Here is the calendar of the 2012 cyclocross races scheduled to take place in the Greater Mid-Atlantic region. The calendar includes races from the Super 8, Sportif Cup, MAC and VACX. More races may be added as the season draws closer. And, sadly, some may be removed from the calendar.

Greater Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross  (Super 8, Sportif Cup, MAC, VACX, ACXS, etc.) Calendar

Saturday, September 8 The International Intergalactic Global Open ‘Cross Relay Championship of the Multi-Friggin’ Verse
Sunday, September 9 Tacchino Cyclocross—Super 8
Saturday, September 15 Nittany Lion (UCI)—MAC
Sunday, September 16 Nittany Lion (UCI)—MAC
Sunday, September 16 BCA CX—Sportif Cross Cup
Saturday, September 22 Charm City Cross (UCI)—MAC
Sunday, September 23 Charm City Cross (UCI)—MAC
Saturday, September 29 Whirly Bird—MAC
Sunday, September 30 Apple Cross—Super 8
Sunday, September 30 Franklin, VA (Fat Frogs)—VACX
Saturday, October 6 Psycho Cross—Sportif Cross Cup
Saturday, October 6 Richmond Festival of Cross, Bryan Park—VACX
Sunday, October 7 Hyattsville CX—Super 8
Sunday, October 7 Richmond Festival of Cross, Chimborazo Park—VACX
Sunday, October 7 Iron Cross X
Saturday, October 13 Gaithersburg Seneca Creek State Park CX—Sportif Cross Cup
Saturday, October 13 Kickoff Cross—ACXS (ABRA)
Sunday, October 14 HPCX—MAC (tentative)
Sunday, October 14 Rocktown Cyclocross Festival, Harrisonbur
Saturday, October 20 DCCX CX TT—Super 8
Saturday, October 20 Military Cross—ACXS (ABRA)
Sunday, October 21 DCCX—Super 8
Sunday, October 28 ABRT Cross—Sportif Cross Cup
Sunday, October 28 Urban Cross at Ix—VACX
Sunday, October 28 Marilla Cross—ACXS (ABRA)
Saturday, November 3 Patapsco Park Cross—Sportif Cross Cup
Sunday, November 3 Raccoon Cross—ACXS (ABRA)
Sunday, November 4 Ed Sander Memorial CX—Super 8
Sunday, November 4 VCU Cross—VACX
Saturday, November 10 FSVS Cross—MAC
Saturday, November 10 Morgantown Monster Cross—ACXS (ABRA)
Sunday, November 11 Schooley Mill CX—Super 8 (tentative)
Sunday, November 11 Bennett’s Creek—VACX
Sunday, November 11 Morgantown Monster Cross—ACXS (ABRA)
Saturday, November 17 Bruceton Mills Cyclocross—ACXS (ABRA)
Sunday, November 18 Rockburn Cross—Super 8
Sunday, November 25 Taneytown Cross (MABRA & DC/MD/DE Championships)—Sportif Cross Cup
Sunday, November 25 VA State Champs—VACX
Saturday, December 1 Mt Trashmore—VACX
Sunday, December 1 West Pennsylginia Cross—ACXS (ABRA)
Sunday, December 2 Capital Cross—Super-8
Sunday, December 2 PA State Cyclocross Championshp
Sunday, December 9 Luray Cavern Cross—VACX
Sunday, December 9 Limestone Cross—MAC
Sunday, December 16 VACX Finals, Forest Hill Park, Richmond—VACX
January 9-13, 2013 US National Cyclocross Championships—Madison, WI
January 29-February 1, 2013 UCI Cyclocross Masters World Championships—Louisville, KY
February 2-3. 2013 UCI Cyclocross Elite World Championships—Louisville, KY




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  1. New first year race. October 21st – Only $20 bucks.
    West Chester (PA) Cyclocross Classic – PACX Series
    Classic cyclocross course with two sets of barriers, and variable terrain mostly grass, with some pavement. The 1.9 mile closed course is great for spectators. Course will be flowing and challenging, making use of natural run-ups, off cambers sections, and lots of cornering. Course is designed by Bob Reuther, former member of the US World Cross Team and long time advocate of local cycling.

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