Winchester Apple Cross 2012

The Winchester Wheelmen put on an outstanding event every year and 2012 was no exception. As opposed to last season’s sloppy conditions, this year’s Apple Cross was fast and smooth. Awesome to see Sue Haywood show up and take the win in the women’s race and Jeremiah Bishop having almost too much fun in the men’s race. Although he didn’t race, newly signed Team Sky member Joe Dombrowski also showed up to watch his pops mix it up in the 3/4 race.

It was great to be invited back to emcee the event. Although I spent most of the day calling the races, I did sneak away to shoot a handful of video. Most of it is below.

Thanks for watching. And see you next week at Hyattsville.

Winchester Apple Cross 2012 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.



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