Hyattsville CX 2012

The fourth annual Hyattsville CX, Race #3 in the Super 8 Series, took place October 7 under rainy skies and with cool temperatures. Over 500 racers came out to compete on Magruder Park’s fast front section and technical wooded area. The race, sponsored by The City of Hyattsville, Arrow Bicycle and Spy Optic, is a joint venture between Crosshairs Cycling and Route1Velo. Limited to a certain degree by an extremely flat park with homogeneous terrain, the promoters made the decision last year to venture into the woods to see if we could bring a little nasty to the race. For 2011, the wooded section was a short jaunt on to the dirt that included an instantaneously notorious off-camber section and a swampy mud bog. Many riders found the wooded section easier, and in some instances faster, to run than ride. A decision the organizers felt was way too easy to make in favor of running. This year we wanted to make that decision harder and therefore extended the wooded section so that the premium was on bike handling rather than running skills. The new 180 off-camber turn, tricky on most days, became even more of a challenge with the wet conditions. The feature definitely revealed who could pick good lines in the dirt and gave spectators a lot to look at.

Thanks for coming out and continuing to make the race a success.

Here’s a little bit of what went down during the day. Music soundtrack for the video is From Nowhere by Dan Croll. Check him out here:

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Thanks for your support, and thank you for watching.

Hyattsville CX 2012 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.


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  1. That is a great looking course. I love to ending, the kid showing just how tough that corner was 🙂

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