In #SVENNESS No. 6 we take a look at the 2013 Cyclocross World Championship race that took place in Louisville, Kentucky. Sven Nys won his second world championship and did with patience. Marking the leaders for most of the race, Nys used two spots on the course to make his decisive moves. The planks and the descent before the limestone steps. For this episode we focus on two skills. First, the advantage riding the planks had in this race over dismounting and running. And, second, the skill of patience. The ability to know you are faster on a certain section but not to exploit that knowledge until it is tactically most advantageous. There is nobody better than Nys in doing this and he  turns the race at Eva Bandman Park into a clinic.

Footage is via Sporza:

Music by Ride:

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SVENNESS No. 6 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.



6 thoughts on “SVENNESS No. 6

  1. Watched this live online, yelled out “Svenness!” at the turn-around before the steps on that last lap. The pedal-in-the-fence was just icing on the cake. Klaas was already beaten.


  2. Sven played this similar to Geiten (Svenness #2). Lurk, experiment with lines to exploit late in the race, and then pressure others until they bobble.

    One thing I learned from these videos is the value of patience. Ride clean and open gaps to pressure others but save those big attacks for late in the race. Thanks Bill!

  3. Absolutely LOVE the SvenNess series. Nicely edited, and your analysis is spot on. Lots to learn, and why not watch the best.

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