Tim Johnson’s Ride On Washington 2013

Jeremy Powers and Tim Johnson in the final mile of TJROW.

For the third straight year, pro cyclocrosser Tim Johnson and a group of hard folk rode bikes from Boston to DC to raise awareness and money for People For Bikes. For the first time, the ride was not in conjunction with the Bike Summit, but rather a month later, which made for a bit more pleasant riding conditions than in years past.

I caught up with the group in College Park, Maryland, at Proteus Bikes and rode the final leg into DC. Along the way, I had a chance to catch up with Richard Fries, Jeremy Powers and Pete Webber, along with Tim, to talk about the ride.

In the video I failed to mention that Richmond 2015 was also a sponsor of the event and next year the plan is to add an extra day to TJROW so the group can head to Richmond, Virginia, and preview the World Championship road course. Check it out at Richmond2015.com.

If you care about bikes in everyday life, and not just when you pin a number on, take a moment to donate a couple dollars to the cause. You can get more information at rideonwashington.org.

Special thanks to John Cutler for the original music.

Here’s the video.

Thanks for watching.

Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington 2013 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.


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  1. Wow. How did you capture that and turn it around so fast? Now you’re hired to do the whole ride next year!


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