2013 Cyclocross World Championship Video: Crowdsourced

The Belgians lead the way on lap one of the 2013 World Cyclocross Championship

In the weeks following the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships, which took place in Louisville, Kentucky, we put out a call for mobile phone videos. The idea was to collect a bunch of footage of the race shot by the average fan and to compile the best of it into a crowdsourced video of the day’s events. What we received was amazing and a bit overwhelming. And it has taken a while to cull through and figure out how to best present all of the great looks.

Finally, a mere four months later, we figured something out. Let me start by saying it was difficult to get everybody’s clip in the final cut. There was just way too much good stuff to go through. And let me finish by saying, you guys are awesome. The footage was top notch and this was a blast to put together.

True confession: it was impossible to keep track of who submitted what. If you see your clip in the video, let us know in the comments and we will add you to the credits.

Video shot by:

Jennifer Church
Ray Whitney
Jon Suzuki
Sean Mealey

Thanks for watching and enjoy.





2 thoughts on “2013 Cyclocross World Championship Video: Crowdsourced

  1. Yaaaaaaaa! Awesome! I have a few clips in there from the descent, “they’re not exactly clean…” And you got my selfie in there as well. Yaaaaaaaa! That’s amazing work, pulling all that together! Chapeau!

  2. Nice job on the video, it brought back great memories! The last clip of Tim’s high 5’s was mine! Yay!

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