2013 US XC MTB National Championship: The Pro Men’s Start

The 2013 U.S. National Cross Country Mountainbike Championships happened late last month at Bear Creek Resort in Macungie, Pa. I was hired by USA Cycling to photograph the event and had a great experience doing so. While editing photos from the men’s pro race I came across a sequence of shots at the start line that could’ve been disastrous for eventual winner Stephen Ettinger and runner-up Todd Wells. Ettinger (3) slides out immediately at the start on the loose gravel and careers directly into Wells (2) who puts up a defensive elbow to keep himself upright. Ettinger bounces off Wells and back into the field before  righting himself. It all happens in under a second and is another example of the amazing balance and control these pros have. Below the whole sequence as it unfolded.

Rubbin’ is racin’.

Ettinger v. Wells: The Start




I will have galleries from all four days of the championships up here: http://cxhairs.smugmug.com/MTB

If you know somebody who raced, please share the link. If you see a shot you like, don’t be afraid to buy a print. There is also a tab on the “buy” page to purchase a download. Thanks for looking.


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