In episode 1.0 of LIKEAVOS, we are in Tabor for the second round of the UCI cyclocross World Cup. The course is dry and grassy and the day is hot. Momentum is key on this course that features several tight turns and short climbs but not many technical elements. We focus on the planks, cornering, a steep staircase, and maintaining calm in the face of adversity.

LIKEAVOS 1.0 is presented by “Skills, Drills and Bellyaches: A Cyclocross Primer,” available at cyclocrossbook.com. Get fast by reading. Seriously.

Footage via Union Cycliste Internationale. uci.ch/templates/UCI/UCI5/layout.asp?MenuId=MTI1OTg

Music by LCD Soundsystem lcdsoundsystem.com.

First to come up with the #LIKEAVOS series name: @_mattio. Follow him on Twitter.

#LIKEAVOS 1.0 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “#LIKEAVOS 1.0

  1. Brilliant!

    A few things…

    I doubt KFC much appreciates the hashtag. This was really a KFC masterclass. What will be interesting is a head-to-head (like you have done in a few #svenness). But you knew that already.

    This video is A PREFECT EXAMPLE of why CX is a GREAT television sport! The boom camera, the tower cameras…christ, they have the whole thing filmed. And the long-form shots of the string of riders crossing the planks for the uphill are brilliant.

    Add helmet cams and radios to the pit, and this is pure video gold…

  2. Believe me Ray, I thought a long time about the hashtag. Especially with Vos not even being in the first episode. But I figured, World Champ gets the title. I hope I heaped enough praise on KFC that she will forgive me.

  3. Thanks for showing women racing! These women deserve more coverage than they get. Did you see the small crowds in the footage?
    In 2005, we traveled to Belgium for Christmas week CX, and the crowds were SILENT during the women’s races. It was an interesting cultural phenomenon. Makes me glad we live in Gloucester, MA, home of an awesome cx race. Keep up the good work!

  4. @Maca :

    KFC has two sets of bike, one that stay in europe and one for the USA. The former is on cantis while the latter is on disc :

    “Right now we’re running disc bikes on the US side of things and in Europe we’re going with cantilevers,” “We have a disc bike as an option there to test out because we just don’t have any information on racing European-style races where the conditions are so much more challenging for the brakes. What little we saw of disc brakes before – obviously, they were mechanical – were issues with brake pad wear and so we want to take more of a measured approach to this and go with what we know works, and then introduce something and test it out when we’re ready without going full hog.”


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