In #SVENNESS 2.5 we look at the Superprestige Ruddervoorde. The race features a lot of turns, a nice rhythm section, some sand, and a whole lot of looking around. A windy day on a course that didn’t have many super technical features made for a strategic race. We focus on running vs. riding, carrying the bike and some start strategy.

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Footage for 2.5 is via Vier: vier.be/tags/cyclocross
Music is by Santigold: soundcloud.com/santigold/santigold-disparate-youth

Thanks for watching.

#SVENNESS 2.5 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.


6 thoughts on “#SVENNESS 2.5

  1. Can’t see the video on my iPad but only hear the Euro techno pop. Which in itself is entertaining.

  2. Feel like a lot of the U.S. (colorado?) courses have a bottleneck in the first few turns that takes a lot of people out of contention. Seems like something course designers need to think about a little more? comments?

  3. Come race the Mile High Urban Cross race on November 17th in the Denver TAXI district, the first part of the course will be super wide just for this reason, lots of passing in the first 1000 ft at least.

  4. Great job on a great race! Cant wait for an episode of the Koppenberg. One of the best races I have seen!

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