In episode 2.7, #SVENNESS visits the Belgian province of Limburg for the Superprestige Zonhoven. Known for its sand and perilous descents, Zonhoven was a study in balance and power. We highlight downhill action, the runups and a close race between Klaas Vantornout, Lars van der Haar, Niels Albert and Sven Nys.

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Footage for #SVENNESS 2.7 via Vier. http://www.vier.be/tags/cyclocross

Music by Magic Man. https://soundcloud.com/magicmansounds


Coeur De Pirate https://soundcloud.com/gro-g/coeur-de-pirate-comme-des-enfants-le-matos-andy-carmichael-remix

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#SVENNESS 2.7 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.


9 thoughts on “#SVENNESS 2.7

  1. I seriously look forward to these so much. I’m on the edge of my seat the #holeshot time! Thanks so much for your efforts and keep up the amazing work. There are so many things to learn from these champions 🙂


  2. Videos get better every time. Great tracks, on repeat! Also, I did buy the book because of these videos.

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