In SVENNESS episode 2.8 we visit theHamme-Zogge stop of the Superprestige cyclocross series. It is muddy and there is a flyover at every turn. But more significant )or maybe not) Sven Nys is riding disc brakes!! But in the end, this race wasn’t about disc brakes but about perseverance. Niels Albert runs into the barriers and gets turned completely around in the first 30 seconds of the race. He slowly chips away at his deficit and by the end is soon back in contention. For this race we focus on riding in the mud, the run vs. ride decision, the picket fence, and flyovers flyovers flyovers.

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Music in today’s episode is by:

Flume & Chet Faker: https://soundcloud.com/futureclassic/flume-chet-faker-drop-the-3

We The Wild: https://soundcloud.com/wethewild/daisy-may-3


Ayer: https://soundcloud.com/officialayer/circle-down

Footage via Vier: http://www.vier.be/tags/cyclocross

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4 thoughts on “#SVENNESS 2.8

  1. nice one again.

    regarding #vanderholeshot…i think he starts like that because he’s so short. seems like most riders who are tall enough prefer to start on their seats.

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