In #SVENNESS 2.9 we travel to Jaarmarktcross Niel in Belgium. This race is part of the Soudal Classics and has been won by Sven Nys four times prior to this year’s event. Would this race mark his fifth victory at Niel? The course was extremely wet and we focus on mud riding, a tricky off-camber section, and isolated displays of strength and power that make all the difference in this race. The race also features a breakout performance by 19-year-old Wout van Aert who is right at home mixing it up with big boys.

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Footage is via Sporza: sporza.be/cm/sporza/wielrennen/veldrijden

Music in this episode is:

Elastic Heart~Sia ft The Weeknd & Diplo: soundcloud.com/diplo/sia-ft-the-weeknd-diplo

Riptide~Vance Joy (FlicFlac Edit): soundcloud.com/flicflac/vance-joy-riptide-flicflac

Heresy Baby~Paul Conrad: soundcloud.com/dangervillage/paul-conrad-heresy-baby-2

Don’t Wait~Mapei:soundcloud.com/mapei/dont-wait

Thanks for watching.

#SVENNESS 2.9 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.


6 thoughts on “#SVENNESS 2.9

  1. Please do not ever stop making these vidoes. They are perfect.

    An itunes #svenness playlist of all these great songs would be fantastic.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. Sven stole that right-hand-on-the-hoods-left-hand-on-the-top move from me. Just sayin’.

  3. Can`t thank you enough for putting together these video clips, your making top level cyclocross even more enjoyable!!!

    happy days!! ………… :0)

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