Be Sven and An Instagram Clip Show

Hello cyclocross friends!

As we look forward to the 2014 Cyclocross World Championship taking place this weekend at Hoogerheide, Netherlands, we wanted to take a quick look back at our top 10 Instagram videos from the season.

We also wanted to show off the latest sponsor of, Bontrager. We could not be more stoked on this. Trek and Bontrager have done a fantastic job taking their new relationship with Sven Nys and Sven Vanthourenhout,  and their continuing relationship with Katie Compton to an all new level for cyclocross sponsorship and growth, especially in the United States.

Bontrager launches their “Be Sven. Ride Bontrager” campaign today and have put together a pretty bad ass video to get things kicked off. Check it out below, and if you’re feeling it, give the banner ad above a click and check out what Bontrager has to offer. It’s good stuff and having your eyes on it helps us continue to deliver the #SVENNESS and #LIKEAVOS series as well as pursue other projects like Skills Drills and Bellyaches.

Thank you for your support.


Be Sven. Ride Bontrager.

The Top 10 CXHairs Instagram videos. Our moments of Sven(ness), if you will …

10. Even in the junioren classification, rubbin’ is racin’ 52. Toupalik, who deftly avoids getting put into the boards, goes on to win the race. #azencross

9. PSA: from your local race to the pro game, if you’re working the pits, keep that head on a swivel. This message approved by Thijs Al.

8. This is all you need to know about the Czech #cxnats. @martinbina #cyklokros

7. Sven (@sven_nys) gets a taste of life at the back of the field early in today’s World Cup race at #namur.

6. Mathieu van der Poel and Gianni Vermeersch went all in for the U23 silver medal at the European Championships. The whole battle is dissected at the end of #SVENNESS 2.10.

5. Katie Compton (@katiefncompton) descends like a balleur. But you already knew that. Also, Commit to the rut.


3. Albert and Peeters nail the synchronized plank hopping portion of their routine at #diegem.

2. Tom Meeusen (@tommeeusen) dials in the cx tabletop at @soudalclassics #leuven

1. This is all you need to know about the Belgian #cxnats. @sven_nys #svenness

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