For SVENNESS 3.2 we go to Ronse, Belgium, for the first race in the Bpost Bank Trophy series. After young Mathieu van der Poel’s early season successes, Sven Nys called this race the “Battle of the Generations.” MvdP drew first blood getting a great start and showing some rad moves but in the end it was the old man showing why the harder the track the stronger he becomes. Ronse is a brutal cyclocross course and Sven uses the opportunity to put on a clinic. We take a close look at riding steep off-camber sections and the importance of running.

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Footage for SVENNESS 3.2 is via Vier:

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Also check out They Don’t Do That In Europe on The Cyclocross Network. It’s like SVENNESS for your ears:

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SVENNESS 3.2 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “SVENNESS 3.2

  1. Awesome as always Bill! Pretty epic course, and always love watching the euro guys smash each other up! This is a cool race to analyze because it shows how all those little technical errors or successes can add up to win a race. Over cook a turn? Didn’t tripod and low sided? You have to burn a match to hold that wheel or get back on. Same thing with run up and barrier technique. These guys make it all look so easy most of the time, so it’s great to see them riding on the limit and biting it like we do every week! Practice your skills everyone! Pretty sure there is a good book out there to help with that! 🙂

  2. Great course in Ronse… I am hoping we actually get to see another race like in 2010 when it had been raining cats and dogs the full week. 9it was an absolute “puddle-fest”.

    According to MvdP own words, this BPost participation was a 1-time thing with the pro’s, so he isn’t going for this ranking (only the Superprestige). Which makes the lead of Sven after 1 race an even more impressive 1min19 to Van Tornhout.

    LvdH was clearly struggling most (of the top riders) on the technical/off-camber sections, so – like in the Superprestige the week before – those extra efforts (to make up lost time) seemed to knacker him a bit too much.

  3. Hey… am I the only one to point out that Sven was riding canti’s, especialy with all the hype about him and the disc Boone? As were the Sunweb team.

    Canti’s, man!

    Rim brakes ain’t dead.

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