For Episode 3.5 of SVENNESS we travel to the Belgian province of Limburg for the Superprestige Zonhoven. The race is a fan favorite known for its two harrowing descents down the side of a sand dune. This year the sand certainly plays a role but it isn’t the dunes. Rather a short off-camber and flat long sandy straight are the features that make the race. Sven Nys is out for redemption after being mired in a finish line controversy the day before at Koppenberg Cross. Tom Meeusen, Lars van der Haar, Kevin Pauwels, Mathieu van der Poel and Klaas Vantornout all are riding strong and this race is up for grabs from the hole shot.

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6 thoughts on “SVENNESS 3.5

  1. Hey Bill, How on earth do the pro’s corner on file treads with no side knobs? I understand the advantage of a true file tread for the drive tire in the sand. But I still like knobs up front for hard corners, at least something like an LAS or Chicane. From the footage shown, it didn’t look like this course had many 180’s or full chicane sections. The fast corners after downhills look like they had good ruts so maybe they are riding corners less aggressively due to tread choice, the trade-off being speed and control in the sand?

  2. As i posted on vimeo…VDH is riding discs…interesting, yes?
    And that margin for error at 15:40 was breathtaking!
    Balls. BIG balls.

  3. Bill, You totally rock! I have wanted to say something for some time now but been to busy enjoying your awesome analysis etc…. Keep it up man!

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