For episode 3.8, SVENNESS travels to Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England for the third round of the UCI Cyclocross World Cup. Milton Keynes served up a muddy track with difficult off-camber sections and a good amount of running. The race started out chaotic, but once everything settled in it was about who was the strongest and made the fewest mistakes. We concentrate on cornering, picking lines and riding off-camber sections.

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11 thoughts on “SVENNESS 3.8

  1. Love the videos, however I’d love some other soundtrack that fits ‘european’ cyclocross, this ain’t it!

    No offense

  2. Granted team tactics rarely play a significant role in cross but when your teammate and countryman is in the lead of a season long series and you find yourself in a four man selection on the last lap your job is not to challenge the leader. I’m guessing Klaas and Kevin are not chums.

    What’s with all bellyaching about the music? The guy that makes the videos gets to decide what the music is – pretty simple.

  3. I think the result was sorted in front of the podium before the stairs when Jurgen “talked” to his boys and let Klaas know that Kevin was the man. Not sure if there is any footage of that tho – it’s all tactical to maximise points for the team leader

  4. Lol. Is there an official euro CX type of music then? I personally love these videos for introducing me to new tunes..

  5. Hey J. Suzuki, you know you can mute the sound on this video and play your own “european cyclocross” music while you watch, right? Quit bellyaching over something these guys do very well, for free, for your enjoyment.

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