2015 USA Cyclocross Championship: Sam O’Keefe

Sam O'Keefe wins the D2 Collegiate Championship at the 2015 US Cyclocross Championship in Austin, Texas. Photo by Bruce Buckley
Sam O’Keefe wins the D2 Collegiate Cyclocross Championship  in Austin, Texas. Photo by Bruce Buckley

Hey there Cyclocross people. We are spending the week in Austin, Texas, at the 2015 US Cyclocross Championship. To start our coverage we begin with Saturday’s line up, which consisted of junior and collegiate races. All week the weather has been cold and damp. It went from damp to all out wet on Saturday as the rain came in force and the races took place in the sloppiest conditions of the week.

In the video below, Sam O’Keefe, who races for C3 Twenty-Twenty Cycling and Middlebury College, gives us his thoughts on winning the Collegiate D2 title. O’Keefe also talks about the changing conditions at Zilker Park, and what he expects for Sunday’s races.

Photos courtesy of Bruce Buckley. www.brucebuckelyphotography.com


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