It’s the cyclocross offseason and there’s no SVENNESS episodes in the queue, so we are going to try something completely different: GWENNESS. For Episode 1.1 of GWENNESS we head to Abu Dhabi for round one of the ITU World Triathlon series. The elite race is a sprint distance event, meaning there is a 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run. The race takes just under an hour and is more exciting than you ever thought triathlon could be. One huge factor that makes ITU triathlon fun to watch, as compared to ironman-type events, is that drafting on the bike is legal. So the cycling¬†leg of the race plays out like a road race, rather than a time trial. For this race, we track the 2014 ITU World Champion, and namesake for this feature, Gwen Jorgensen.

Footage is via the International Triathlon Union.


Fever~Joachim Pastor Remix:

Bored+Lazy~Jamaican Queens:


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9 thoughts on “GWENNESS 1.1

  1. Wait, did you just use the words Exciting and Triathlon in the same sentence…?

  2. Awesome video with some hypnotic music (until the end, when it perfectly captures the final hunt). Thank you for doing it!

  3. This was outstanding! It almost makes me want to go for a run. Well, not really, but it was still awesome. Great music too.

  4. I still watch that Gwenness
    and it still makes me smile!
    What an amazing, perseverance,respected, humble lady!

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