Cam Dodge: Two Questions

Over the past several weeks, following a score of impressive results, Cameron Dodge (Cam Dodge Racing) has been asked the same question many times: why isn’t anyone sponsoring you? In fact, as you will hear in the short video, he even knows it’s coming before it’s asked. But ever the thoughtful guy, Cam explains his position on why he’s doing what he’s doing this year. We also cleared up some confusion about why Cam is not racing the World Cup CrossVegas race.


4 thoughts on “Cam Dodge: Two Questions

  1. Somebody better give this “young gun” some serious support! In my opinion, there is no one out there that has as much upside potential as Cam Dodge.

  2. Not only is Cam one of the best cyclists I’ve ever seen who has been an influence to me in my riding , he’s also one of the most down to earth , humble people I’ve ever met. Any team that doesn’t take advantage of Cam and his talents is losing out big time. Cam , Easy Riders Cycling will always have a door open for ya 😉

  3. Give Cam a contract already! His steady progression over the last 3 years show that he’s one of the most talented riders, both cyclocross and mountain, on US soil. It’s crazy that this is the topic of discussion every year.

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