Gary Fisher on Mustache Aerodynamics

Gary Fisher is a legend. That should go without saying for someone who is credited with helping invent the mountain bike and whose company, Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes (Now part of Trek Bicycle), was responsible for many early MTB innovations and designs.

© 2015 Bruce Buckley Photography

Along with being a pioneer in cycling, and someone who was once suspended from competition because his hair was too long, Fisher is also a tireless advocate for bike-friendly cities. We talked to Gary a couple times in Las Vegas and will be putting together a longer interview sometime soon. But for now, I wanted to post this clip from our short conversation before Fisher competed in the CrossVegas Wheelers and Dealers race.

© 2015 Bruce Buckley Photography

Because if you put all of the stuff about being a pioneer or a legend aside, what remains is a guy who is always ready to play along. And that will get you far in life.

Thanks for playing, Gary.



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