Crosshairs Radio Episode 5: Jeremy Powers

Three time and current national U.S. cyclocross champion, Jeremy Powers, joins us for a conversation on the latest episode of Crosshairs Radio. We talk about his place in the current U.S. cyclocross landscape, in which he is the guy everyone wants to beat and how his motivation for winning races has evolved over the years. We also discuss racing overseas and how that best works for racers in the U.S. who want to travel to, but not necessarily live in, Europe.

The great thing about Powers is that he’s a big picture kind of guy. He wants to see cyclocross in the U.S. grow and compete with the European product. That’s what Behind the Barriers TV was all about and why Powers helped start J.A.M. Fund Racing. It’s also the foundation of his new team Aspire racing. We talk about training, scheduling, and even  get to the bottom of the question on the Internet’s mind: why is JPow riding cantis?

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One thought on “Crosshairs Radio Episode 5: Jeremy Powers

  1. It’s hard not to like Jeremy and everthing he does for the sport on international level. Thank you Bill for a great interview. Looking forward to another hour next week. 😉

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