Crosshairs Radio Episode Seven: Dan Seaton

For episode seven we talk to Dan Seaton who lives in Brussels, Belgium, and works as a solar physicist during the week. On the weekend, however, he is one of the most knowledgable cyclocross journalists out there. Dan’s work can be seen online at and also in Velo magazine.

Dan Seaton. Follow him @dbseaton
Dan Seaton. Follow him @dbseaton

Our conversation is wide-ranging. From an in-depth look at the young guns and van Aert’s fast start to the season, to Sven’s resurgent, the enigma that is Sun Web and the rest of the men’s field. We also talk about the women’s field who will emerge on top and it’s growing acceptance in Belgian culture. In addition, we touch on how America sees Belgian cyclocross and if that adoration is valid and so much more. It’s a really fun conversation I think you’re going to enjoy.

One note, we talked last Thursday, before the Valkenburg World Cup. Because of the timing we spend a lot of time talking about Ronse, which happened the week before.

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