Crosshairs Radio Episode 8: Dan Chabanov

For Episode 8 of Crosshairs Radio I sit down in the studio with Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team rider Dan Chabanov for a conversation about racing bikes, the good, bad, and ugly of U.S. cyclocross, and the realities of being pro in the domestic ranks.

@ 2015 Bruce Buckley
@ 2015 Bruce Buckley

Our chat took place after a long day of racing at the Saturday edition of the UCI C2 DCCX event. Dan raced, I wore both promoter and announcer hat and we were both a bit punchy by the time we sat down in my basement for a talk. Despite the exhaustion, we had a lively conversation that was truly that … just a conversation. About bike racing.

© 2015 Brett Rothmeyer
© 2015 Brett Rothmeyer

After listening, go follow Dan on twitter and Instagram if you don’t already. He’s @danchabanov on both. Also check out the cyclocross column he does for The Athletic at

© 2015 Bruce Buckley.
© 2015 Bruce Buckley.

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2 thoughts on “Crosshairs Radio Episode 8: Dan Chabanov

  1. Great stuff! Late-nite session worked well. Both of you were relaxed.
    Best moment: your voice cracking…

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