The Big Picture: Supercross Cup Day 1 (Elite Men)

Cameron Dodge (Unattached) took the win at day 1 of the Supercross Cup in Stony Point, NY, riding a smooth and steady race over the slick and technically challenging course. Raleigh-Clement rider Kerry Werner fought back from several places down to finish 2nd, while Dan Timmerman (Stan’s NoTubes Elite CX) finished 3rd on the podium.

© 2015 John Kavouris

If you haven’t checked out the women’s day 1 coverage to get an idea for the course conditions, please do so! If not, let’s just say:

© 2015 John Kavouris
© 2015 John Kavouris

As the mechanics finished rinsing off bikes from the women’s race, virtually all of the men lined up with some choice of mud tire – rubber “whiskers” still present on many tires, a visible sign of the predominantly dry season we’ve had here in the northeast.

At the gun, it appeared as though Jeremy Durrin (Neon Velo Cycling Team) was vying for the holeshot, but by the first turn both Dodge and Timmerman would slip past him. © 2015 John Kavouris


Despite leading the group, and early error forced Dodge to stop and put a foot down who only lost two places, which would let Durrin complete a successful pass a moment later.

© 2015 John Kavouris

Later in the first lap as the group approached the steep mud uphill, Durrin lost momentum and was forced off his bike as others were all able to ride:

© 2015 John Kavouris

Tactical Note: Durrin checks behind him to watch for a pass attempt. The ride/run-up was narrow enough that Durrin could have blocked action behind him, and a “brake check” could have forced those behind to dismount, stopping a pass attempt or easy attack.

© 2015 John Kavouris

Later, the men would see the elite-only off-camber rock section. While potentially harrowing for those in the scrub-zone, the leaders negotiated the rocks carefully but without incident.

© 2015 John Kavouris

By the time the leaders reached the barriers a lap later, Timmerman had gained the lead, followed by Dodge, Durrin, and Travis Livermore (Mock Orange Bikes Pro CX) joining the trio.

© 2015 John Kavouris
Well behind the leaders, Werner was slogging away in 7th place.
Well behind the leaders, Werner was slogging away in 7th place. © 2015 John Kavouris

Back at the ride/run-up, Durrin nearly bobbled again, but managed to keep the pedals turning.

© 2015 John Kavouris

Werner continued to stalk the podium, moving up to 5th within a lap.

© 2015 John Kavouris

At some point, Durrin must have mechanicaled or suffered a significant crash – he was out of the lead group, and would finish in 9th for the day.

At the SRAM stair-set, only Dodge, Livermore, and Timmerman are on the front. © 2015 John Kavouris
Werner? Now 4th!
Werner? Now 4th! © 2015 John Kavouris


On the back section of course, riders slowly began to suffer the mud. Here, all three leaders dab a foot after committing to the same deep rut. Perhaps not committing enough? Perhaps committing to the wrong rut? Who knows…

© 2015 John Kavouris
© 2015 John Kavouris
© 2015 John Kavouris

Back at the stairs, Werner made the pass into 3rd.

© 2015 John Kavouris

After the descent from the off-camber rocks, riders were greeted by a nice stretch of flat, slick mud. As rider after rider continued to slog through some of the more grimy parts of the course, Dodge stayed smart and used the firmer ground to stay quick.

© 2015 John Kavouris

Behind him, Werner barreled through the mud with aplomb, riding like a man possessed and sitting in 2nd place!

© 2015 John Kavouris

Dodge continued to shred through the course, all the while looking cool and collected. In a most humble finish, Dodge barely waves to the crowd despite ample time to post up and celebrate the well deserved win.

[Editor’s note: The small wave of the left hand still on the hood is the most emphatic celebration for Dodge this year. Way to let loose, Cam! -Bill] © 2015 John Kavouris
A moment later and Werner and Timmerman were visible on the finishing stretch. After riding HARD for the last lap, Werner checked behind him – enough distance from Timmerman – and coasted into the finish for 2nd, with Timmerman 3rd, and Livermore 4th.

© 2015 John Kavouris

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