2016 U.S. Cyclocross Nationals Video: Noah Bell

Man, I just stink at e-mail these days. After putting out a call for crowd-sourced Cyclocross Nationals video clips I got an email from Noah Bell, who is the son of my teammate and Rock Creek Velo coach, Mike Zoeller. It was a modest e-mail letting me know that I could use any of the clips Noah shot and that he posted video on You Tube. I thought “awesome,” and moved on to the next email without looking at the clip. That was a mistake. Noah’s work makes me think “why bother with the crowd-sourced video” along with Gentry Jeffereson (another Mid-Atlantic young guy) they pretty much nailed it.

[Update: This version of the video shouldn’t be geo-restricted.}

The first conversation I had after arriving at nationals was with Mike.

“Hey Bill, what are the rules for this event on drones. We couldn’t find anything posted?”

“Hey Mike. I think I read something in the technical guide or media notes about them being prohibited on the grounds but it definitely wasn’t easy to find … why?”

“Noah got some footage before we were asked to stop.”

Thankfully, that’s not all Noah captured. This is a great edit. Props to Cyclocross Magazine for finding it and posting the clip first, or I would’ve completely ignored it for another week.

Noah Bell. Cyclocross Nats. Go.

U.S. Cyclocross Nationals 2016 Highlights from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.


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