World Championship Course Preview Videos

There have been a handful of point-of-view course preview videos floating around. This one by Team France and Cofidis rider, Clément Venturini, was brought to my attention by fellow and Crosshairs Radio contributor, Taylor Jones. The footage was shot for French Cyclocross website,Labourés Magazine, and does a nice job showing the elevation changes in the course as well as the trees … in the course. Also, listen for Venturini’s breathing when he’s off the bike. Even for a recon ride, every lap at Zolder is a hot lap. It’s going to be a fast race but that doesn’t necessarily mean this course is easy. Or flat.

And if that doesn’t satiate your need for course previews, here’s one with a bit more production from Global Cycling Network and featuring Jeremy Powers … “Hello and Welcome.”


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  1. Hi,

    Chris Aitken (Australian U/23 rider) also has a good preview video here featuring fellow Aussie Garry Millburn.

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