Book of Cross: Chapter 3

Chapter 3, the final chapter in the Book of Cross, follows Jeremy Powers from the U.S .National Championships in Asheville, NC, to the World Championships in Heuseden-Zolder, Belgium.  Powers’ 33rd place at Worlds was not what he hoped. Chapter 3 gives some insights into what went wrong.


“My season is officially over and I wanted more from worlds … it didn’t happen how I would have liked it too, but I do pat myself on the back every once in a while to say ‘good job’ and let’s move on, of course with proper reflection. But I’m a very open and honest person and I think this chapter will let the viewers see that I have my days too and sometimes I come up short on my ambitions.”


I can tell you that after spending time with Powers this past week in Japan for Cyclo Cross Tokyo, he may have moved on but his performance in Europe still looms large. Although it went unsaid, it had to be part of Powers’ incentive to turn himself inside out to ensure he won in Japan, despite his season officially being over. As he said to me after that race, “the pain I put myself through in that race is nothing compared to the disappointment that would have stayed with me if I lost.”


The Book of Cross is produced, directed and shot by Motofish Images out of Seattle, WA.  The concept is to give viewers an honest look into the life of Jeremy Powers.  Motofish owners Chris Cumming and Greg Sweney sum up Chapter 3 as follows: “Of course we would’ve loved to have Jeremy finish in the top 10 at Worlds and have the ride of his life but its racing and things don’t always turn out the way you plan them. One of the fantastic things about working wth Jeremy is that he is so honest and is willing to let his fans see him struggle. On a certain level that makes Jeremy even more relatable as we all have days like that.”


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