Crystal City Wednesday Night Spins Race #2

Week two of Crystal City BID’s Wednesday Night Spins is in the books. It may have been 75 and sunny during the day but that didn’t stop nearly 100 racers from heading underground for another round of parking garage races. A couple tweaks to the week one course meant better flow and great racing. It was an awesome night with a women’s race that was one of the best of the entire series. A group of four stuck together for most of the race, which kept the crowd watching every lap.

© 2016 Bruce Buckley Photography

And that’s the beauty of this event. You can come out for some competitive racing. Or you can participate to just get some fun laps in as training. Or you don’t have to race at all. Come by and have a beer or a sandwich or piece of pie … or all three. Wednesday Night Spins is a great hang and the best happy hour around.

© 2016 Bruce Buckley Photography

Thanks again to Bruce Buckley and Crystal City BID for providing photos of the event. The photos are free to download and post as you wish for non-commercial uses. If you do post, give a shout to the event and to Bruce. And tell your friends to come out next week.

Highlight Photos from week 2 races are available here: (check back for full galleries)

Photos from all week 1 races are available here:

Week 1 results are here:

Week 2 results:

Week 2 Beginner Results

beginner (Open) 2016-03-09-ccwns 3 9 16-r1- copy

Overall Beginner Series Standings

2016-3-9 week 2 standings beginner


Week 2 Women’s Results

women (Open) 2016-03-09-ccwns race 2 women-r2-


Overall Women’s Series Standings

2016-3-9 week 2 standings women


Week 2 Open Results

open (Open) 2016-03-09-ccwns open 3-r3--(2)


Overall Open Series Standings

2016-3-9 week 2 standings 2016-3-9 week 2 standings open-(1)open



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