Crystal City Wednesday Night Spins Race #3

Week three of Crystal City BID Wednesday Night Spins turned out to be another great one. Close races in every field. A women’s event that continues to be the highlight of the night. And a nice crowd of spectators watching the spectacle while enjoying  beers, grilled cheese sandwiches and Acme pie.

© 2016 Bruce Buckley Photography

We have two more weeks left in the series. Next Wednesday we cap off our beginner and open series. The final week is when the wheels come off. Or the brakes for that matter. A dedicated fixed gear race and an “anything goes” race closes out the festivities in two weeks. We expect to see all of you (and your friends and families) there.

© 2016 Bruce Buckley Photography

Register for all of the fun here: Or just come out to watch, eat, cheer and drink. We’ve had some people saying they couldn’t find the event. The address is below but here’s a good tip for when you arrive: If you are driving, enter the parking garage after four for free parking. Once you get your ticket at the entrance of the garage, take a tight right turn and head down the ramp. Once you get to the G3 level you can park and then walk down the ramp to G4.

Address for the event is:

2345 Crystal Drive Parking Garage – G4 Level
.25mi from Crystal City connection of Mount Vernon Trail
Blue and Yellow METRO Lines to Crystal City Station
Free parking after 4:00 PM in Crystal City garages

© 2016 Bruce Buckley Photography

Thanks again to Bruce Buckley and Crystal City BID for providing photos of the event. The photos are free to download and post as you wish for non-commercial uses. If you do post, give a shout to the event and to Bruce. And tell your friends to come out next week.

Highlight Photos from week 3 races are available here: (check back for full galleries)

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Week 1 results are here:

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Week 3 results:

Week 3 Beginner Results

beginner (Open) 2016-03-16-CCWNS 3-r1-


Overall Beginner Series Standings:



Week 3 Women’s Results:

Women (Open) 2016-03-16-CCWNS 3-r2-Open


Overall Women’s Open Series Standings:



Week 3 Open Category Results:

Open (Open) 2016-03-16-CCWNS 3-r3-


Overall Open Category Series Standings:





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