Crosshairs Radio Episode 25: Gavin Haley

On episode 25 of Crosshairs Radio we welcome Gavin Haley to the show. This episode also marks the first show on the Wide Angle Podium Network. We are excited to be part of the network. It’s a great opportunity to give listeners, like you, an opportunity to find and support high-quality, fun podcasts. So go to, become a member, check out the shows, and put them all in your ears.

© 2016 Bruce Buckley Photography
© 2016 Bruce Buckley Photography

Gavin Haley is a guy who is not a stranger to the Crosshairs family. We’ve followed his career for the past several years and Gavin has contributed rider journals for

As he quickly approaches his 19th birthday, and after one year as a pro rider for Giant Bicycles, Gavin is making some big life and career decisions. We start out going through his racing history and then move on to what the future holds. It’s a good listen, so thanks for tuning in.



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One thought on “Crosshairs Radio Episode 25: Gavin Haley

  1. Gavin’s a cool dude and I’m sorry to see him leave cyclocross. I wish him well in the music biz… hope to hear his music someday on the radio.

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